Beginning Latin Poetry Reader: 70 Selections from the Great Periods of Roman Verse and Drama (Latin Reader Series)

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Embrace your Roman muse!

As a learner of Latin, you wish to have to experience the Roman world by reading its writers in their original language. But you’ll be unsure where to begin in the classical canon or you can also worry that your Latin skills are insufficient to tackle authentic texts.

Requiring just a grounding in the basics, Beginning Latin Poetry Reader means that you can explore the wealthy and diverse range of Latin verse, including epics, comedies, satires, lyric poetry, and even graffiti! Inside you can find seventy selections from authors of the early Republic such as Plautus and Terrance in addition to those of the Golden and Silver Ages such as Vergil, Horace, Ovid, and Juvenal–all supported by helpful footnotes and English translations. This book also includes a clear overview of Latin syntax and the metrics of its verse, a glossary of all Latin words found in the readings, and a time line showing the historical and literary context of each and every writer.

Lose yourself in:

  • the sparkling comedies of Plautus
  • the intimate love poetry of Catullus
  • the majestic hexameters of Vergil
  • the elegant lyricism of Horace
  • the refined sensuality of Ovid
  • the compelling satires of Juvenal
  • the bristly epigrams of Martial


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