//Yoga: The Poetry of the Body

Yoga: The Poetry of the Body


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Rodney Yee is one of yoga’s most renowned instructors
A unique approach to an ancient art form
Includes more than 400 beautiful black and white photos


Yoga is one of the most up to date fitness trends today, and millions of people are looking to renowned yogi Rodney Yee for instruction. Fresh from a guest spot on Oprah where he taught yoga to the masses, Rodney Yee is well-known around the world and travels extensively both nationally and worldwide to teach weekend workshops, week-long teacher training workshops, and yoga retreats.

For the first time ever, Rodney Yee explains in writing his highly popular and successful approach to yoga. Yoga: The Poetry of the Body is an introduction to the practice of yoga in both its physical and spiritual aspects. Using more than 400 beautiful black-and-white photos, this book takes beginners, as well as more advanced students, step-by-step through 8 full yoga practices based on 45 of the most basic yoga poses. Using thought-provoking student-teacher dialogs, Rodney makes abstract concepts come alive, thereby allowing readers to better understand and appreciate the essence of yoga. All in all, this book presents a wonderful and stimulating journey into the world of yoga that reflects both the way Rodney teaches and his personal philosophy. It is sure to please yoga enthusiasts in every single place.

Rodney Yee, named the “stud-muffin guru” by Time magazine, is without doubt one of the most sought-after yoga instructors in the world, packing classrooms in Hawaii and California and selling millions of copies of his 17 videos. Yoga: The Poetry of the Body is his first book, and is as much a compendium of practical instruction on the most common poses as it is a dialogue on Yee’s philosophy of yoga.

Yee determined to write The Poetry of the Body to give in-depth information that’s unattainable to include in his videos, and this is where the strength of the book lies. He delves into exquisite detail about the proper posture, breath work, and positioning for the 45 most common yoga asanas, devoting several step-by-step photos to each one. (Alternatively, on occasion the book goes overboard on the detail–there are more than 400 pictures, and the photo meant to illustrate where the groin is located is hardly necessary!) Yee includes eight yoga practices–the “playful practice,” “relaxation practice,” and those based on “grounding,” “falling,” “breath,” “resistance,” and “movement”–each a series of a dozen or so poses designed to help the reader “self-study” and discover the ways in which the mind and the body interact.

Even supposing the poses in these “practices” are nothing out of the atypical, Yee’s incredibly muscular and supple physique may intimidate rather than inspire novice practitioners, and his sincere but continuously corny instructions on how to fully embrace the poses may well be a turn-off (“Surrender the seed of your body into the earth, water it, and let it blossom”). Diehard fans will also be disappointed that much of the book is devoted to the opinions and contemplative creative writing of his coauthor, Nina Zolotow, one of Yee’s students. –Erica Jorgensen
Rodney Yee is one of yoga’s most renowned instructors
A unique approach to an ancient art form
Includes more than 400 beautiful black and white photos
For beginners to advanced students
Features 45 of the most basic yoga poses

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